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Sony Virtuoso™ Apprentice Edition

This is the most basic version of Sony Virtuoso™ offered by SANS Oceania. Sony Soloist® Digital Comparative Recorder is used for student recordings. There are some basic instructional control features and students have the ability to work together in pairs.

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Sony Virtuoso™ Minor Edition

With this edition, there is additional flexibility to the interaction between students and teachers and it provides additional classroom control to monitor and coach students as they work together or study independently. To maximise space and time, multiple classes may be taught simultaneously with students logging in to their assigned class. Class configuration preferences may be preset to more efficiently use class time.

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Our most popular edition, Virtuoso Major

Sony Virtuoso™ Major Edition

Represents the pinnacle in digital technology for language learning. It offers students so many different options for learning with others and independently. It also provides optimum flexibility for the language teacher to guide students and share their expertise and knowledge.

Flexibility in class organisation and ways to group or pair students provides a real opportunity for collaboration. Text chat and text notes, as well as annotation using the built-in whiteboard further enhance the shared learning experience.

Teacher control is optimised to help teachers work with their students most effectively. Teachers may launch files and programs for students; share keyboard and mouse; as well as monitor, and model student work as an example for the class.

With a built-in internet browser, specific websites can be selected to keep students on task or allow flexibility for independent web exploration.

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Sony Virtuoso™ Major > Distance Education (DE) Option

Enables an instructor at one physical location to conduct a class in their Sony Digital Language Lab as well as connect to, control and interact with students in a lab at a separate location. This is a great option to share teaching resources and expand your language program offering across a campus, district, or anywhere!


Sony Virtuoso™ Major > Sign Language Option

Interactive Technology for Sign Language Studies and Interpreter Training Programs

This interactive technology suite, designed specifically for sign language and interpreter training applications, includes the Sony Virtuoso™ ASL Instructor Control Software and the Sony Soloist® ASL Digital Comparative Recorder Software for each student. Both components require high quality webcams providing clear visual communication between the instructor and all of the students, a selected student, or several students working together.

Easy Access to Digital Content

Enables students to work with video and audio lesson content, record their work, and then save on the local area network or on a portable storage device. Both the stimulus and the student recording can then be accessed for self-review and/or instructor assessment.

Collaboration and Student Centered Learning

Provide opportunities for students to work together in pairs and record. Each student may share the video from their camera with a partner. The instructor is able to view the students' activity on-screen to monitor progress and provide assistance as needed.

Real-Life Interpreting Situations

Are easily simulated for practicum skill development.

Teachers Maximise Time

With the ability to review student work when convenient on any PC, at home, in your office, anywhere using the sign language player software applet provided. teachers feedback may be added to student files as well.

Create Authentic Lesson Materials

That meaningfully incorporate audio video, pictures, text, and web resources.

Student Portfolios

With highlights of student work and digital recordings can be progressively collected and saved throughout the course of study.

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