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Sony Virtuoso™ Instructional Control Software

The Sony Virtuoso™ Teacher Software combined with the Sony Soloist® Student Software provides the most comprehensive Digital Language Learning Laboratory available in the market today for in class teaching and out of class access for students.

Our instructional technology is not "language specific", meaning that it can be used as an instructional tool for most spoken and visual languages. This scalable technology focuses on interactivity between the instructor and students with options specifically for oral testing and assessment, multi-teacher and distance learning applications, and sign language and interpreter training programs. While providing instructional control, the software enables more interpersonal communication (audio and video) so that students have increased opportunities to use the language to develop core skills more quickly and accurately, meaning they become better "language listeners, speakers, writers and readers".

Proven Digital Language Lab Technology

Many schools and government agencies, around the world and here in Australia and New Zealand, with language programs, ESL programs, sign language and interpreter training programs and even music programs are incorporating our software into their curriculum.

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Fully digital functionality enables a multimedia based, open learning environment where teachers and students can easily share course materials and work together or independently to develop language proficiency.

The Sony Virtuoso™ and Sony Soloist® software suite operates on Windows™ based PCs within a local area network and requires no additional software or hardware other than SANS headsets that provide exceptional sound quality, so the system adapts easily to any classroom application.

Digital technology is used for both storage and transmission of information making it exceptionally quick and easy to access, retrieve, or archive audio, video, and data files.

Scalable Technology with Flexibility to Change as Your Needs Change

The Sony Digital Language Lab is scalable, meaning you only need to purchase the number of licenses required and can purchase additional licenses over time if required. A number of teaching options are also available from single classroom to distance education across the internet.

The Sony Virtuoso™ software is offered with varying levels of functionality and control. Each edition is upgradeable, offering you the ability to enhance your system as the needs of your language program change or grow.

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Scalable Technology

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