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SANS Digital Language Learning Lab
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SANSSpace™ is a Virtual Language Learning Environment designed specifically for language educators and their students.

With SANSSpace™ students can engage in language learning 24/7. SANSSpace™ manages access to learning content and
provides both students and teachers with web based collaboration tools to create an open learning environment.

The Need For Flexible Learning

In today's world learning takes place 24/7.

Schools may be in a fixed physical location with time specific learning; they may be virtual without set spaces or times; or they may be blended, combining both fixed and virtual learning spaces.

Varied learning environments provide schools with opportunities to address the needs of student populations that may be full or part-time and on or off campus - often with schedules that make it difficult to facilitate only traditional classroom based language learning. SANSSpace™ extends language learning opportunities to meet these needs and the expectations of today's students.

Manage Language Learning Content And Users

Bullet point Segment Courses, Content, and Permissions for Use in a Secure Environment
Bullet point Detailed Tracking and Reporting of User Activity for Instructors, Students and Administrators
Bullet point Integrates with Institutional Databases
Bullet point Enables Flex-time for Language Instructors to Review and Assess Student Work When and Where it is Most Convenient
SANSSpace™ screenshot

Language Learning Tools

Bullet point SANSSpace™ Virtual Comparative Recorder for Listening and Speaking Activities
Bullet point Provide Feedback - Easily Insert Audio Comments into Student Recordings
Bullet point Create Audio, Video, Text, Web Resourced Activities
Bullet point Incorporate On-line Course Ancillaries
Language courses screenshot

Collaboration and Open Learning

Bullet point Text, Voice, and Video Chat - Blogs, Forums, Discussions
Bullet point Resource and Screen Sharing
Bullet point Flexible Instructor/Student On-Line Office Hours
Bullet point Study Group Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere
Bullet point Provide Voice/Text Announcements and Directives
Discussion Forms screenshot
If you would like a comprehensive demonstration, or discuss how you can utilise SANSSpace™ to provide more learning opportunities for your students, please contact us.

Bullet pointDownload SANSSPace Brochure (.pdf format)

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