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An Integral Component of the Digital Language Lab

As part of a Sony Digital Language Lab, Sony Soloist® Student Software is installed on each student PC and works in tandem with the Sony Virtuoso™ Teacher Software, the teacher’s digital interface and control panel. Both software components communicate within a school’s local area network (LAN). Together, the Sony Virtuoso™ Software and the Sony Soloist® Software provide a fully functional, instructional digital language lab.

Soloist recorder

Sony Soloist® Student Software

Sony Soloist® software provides full comparative recording capability - allowing students to listen to or view lesson content and record at the same time. Both the student’s recording and the lesson can be played back simultaneously for comparison.

Students can easily access any point within a file. This is useful if students need to re-listen, review, or practice a particular phrase or sentence, for example.

Bookmarks may be set at various points within a file, allowing students to go back to a set point to review particular passages or segments. Verbal comments can also accompany any bookmark that is set enabling the instructor to pre-record comments, instructions, translations, or other information within that media file.

By simply clicking "CALL" the student is able to notify the teacher that assistance is needed. The teacher can then help the student individually without interrupting the rest of the class.

In addition to being a key tool for students, the Sony Soloist® software includes a background set of authoring and editing tools for language teachers to create unique lessons with digital content including reading and writing activities, translation and pronunciation exercises and tests.

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Sony Soloist® ASL (Sign Language) Option

Designed specifically for sign language and interpreter training programs, Sony Soloist® ASL student recorder software uses high-quality webcams and tools to visually communicate, digitally record, and review video. It is the student interface in the Sony Virtuoso™ ASL digital language lab suite.

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Sign language student

Sony Soloist® Concurrent Controller License Management

SANS Concurrent Controller software allows for multiple networked users to work with the Sony Soloist® software without having to purchase licenses for every PC where the software may be used. In essence, it allows you to "float" your Sony Soloist® software licenses and enables full functionality of the Soloist® software based on the number of "concurrent licenses" purchased. This license management can help you make the most effective use of the Sony Soloist® software in a multi-user environment that extends beyond the language lab.

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