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SANS Digital Language Learning Lab
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Teaching Benefits
What you can do with the Sony Virtuoso™ and Sony Soloist® Digital Language Lab Technology to improve how your students learn a second language:

Bullet point Maximise Time
to develop core language skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.
Bullet point Incorporate Culture
through guided, web-based explorations to connect, understand, and develop insight into the roots of the language and the people.
Bullet point Easily Pair or Group Students
for collaborative projects that stimulate thinking and interpersonal communication.
Bullet point Practice and Instill Confidence
in students for successful exams with listening and speaking components.
Bullet point Create Lessons
that meaningfully incorporate audio video, pictures, text, and web resources.
Bullet point Guide Students
and keep them focused using screen, audio, and video monitoring tools.
Bullet point Enable Differentiated Learning
activities considering the uniqueness of individual learners.
Bullet point Engage Today's Digital Learners
with digital language lab technology incorporated within a smart curriculum that encourages interactivity and multimodal learning.
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Discover how the Sony Virtuoso™ and Sony Soloist® Digital Language Lab Technology can dynamically improve your students' language learning experience.

Bullet pointSee how many language educators are successfully using Sony Digital Language Labs.
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