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SANS Digital Language Learning Lab
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Technical Benefits

The Sony Virtuoso™ and Sony Soloist® Software Suite creates a fully digital language lab system connected through your local area network. Our software design takes into consideration variables that exist in network configurations, enabling easy IT integration.

Bullet point Connects directly to your local area network without any need for proprietary hardware.
Bullet point Installs easily in a general computer lab or dedicated language lab space.
Bullet point Integrated VOIP technology for excellent sound quality.
Bullet point Core proprietary technologies have been designed by Sony and SANS to optimise system performance and bandwidth. These include Sony LPEC™, SANSCAST™, SANSWAVE™, and SANSSPEAK™ tools.
Bullet point Sony Virtuoso™ and Sony Soloist® software include patented features.
Bullet point Built-in advanced system diagnostics and self-maintenance capability.
Bullet point Hundreds of administrator selectable feature choices.
Bullet point Design and development in the United States and supported around the world with continued feature and technology updates.
Bullet point Experienced and knowledgeable technical support staff.
Bullet point SANS headsets tested for superior sound and system compatibility.
Bullet point Continued development for integration with new operating systems.
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We are Here to Help You

We at SANS will work with your IT staff to review in detail the particulars of your network and provide answers on how our software can be easily integrated.

Bullet pointPlease contact us to discuss your needs and allow us to answer any technical questions that you may have.


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