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SANS Digital Language Learning Lab
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Sony Virtuoso Software - teacher
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Sony Soloist Software - student
Creating lessons
Creative Authoring Tools

A vast range of digital resources are available for teaching and learning languages on CDROM, on DVD or online via the Web. These resources can easily be utilised by the Lab.

The Sony Digital Language Lab supports a comprehensive suite of digital audio and digital video file formats, as well as Microsoft Word for text files.

Authoring tools enable the teacher to create complete programs of courseware, utilising content elements such as texts, pictures, and audio and video recordings.

In addition to being a key technology tool for students, the Sony Soloist® Digital Comparative Recorder and Media player includes a full set of authoring and editing tools for teachers to create unique lessons including reading and writing exercises, translation and pronunciation activities, cultural explorations, as well as tests and quizzes.

Incorporate a Variety of Media
including audio, video, text, image, HTML and web resources.

Annotate Lessons
with a built-in white board.

Create Assessment Modules with Quiz Editor
Question and answer types are selectable by the instructor and results may be exported and saved.


Customise Auto Comparative Recording (ACR)
Create ACR exercises by selecting a media sequence, repetition, and student response time. These can be easily adjusted for learners with varying skill levels.

Organize Web Based Activities

Organise Web Based Activities with Link List Editor
Create a customised list of internet sites relating to a particular topic or theme that your students can follow.

Arrange and Edit Audio Files

Arrange and Edit Audio Files
A graphic representation of the audio makes it easy to highlight, and cut, copy, and paste the audio to suit your needs.

Synchronise Text

Synchronise Text
Create subtitles to play with video or audio content.


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