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Customer Support

One-size support does not fit all

Because your support needs may be unique, our services go far beyond traditional notions of support. We start at the beginning; when designing and implementing a digital language laboratory for your institution, SANS Oceania will work with you to put in place the appropriate support structure that works for you. We want you to succeed and get the most value from this great language learning tool, because we're as passionate about your success as you are.

What you need, when you need it

SANS Oceania can offer you the exact level of support you need - whether it's priority access, proactive delivery of upgrades, or technical advice.

All customers are automatically enrolled in Basic Support, so you can use our self-help resources any time and call us with questions - we'll help you with particular issues, of course - quickly and efficiently.

If you require more a more unique and innovative support service, we are happy to work with you to offer an alternative solution that works for you.

Maintenance options

For over 10 years the Sony Virtuoso™ and Sony Soloist® software has undergone continual improvement. Software updates have been released on a regular basis by SANS Inc. These updates further enhance the software over time. As a result SANS Oceania offers a software update maintenance agreement to ensure your purchase remains current regardless of new operating systems or media formats.

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