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Training and Certification

With SANS training, teachers will be confident and productive, benefiting themselves, the institution and most importantly the students. Training is the single most effective thing you can do to get results fast, which is why it is a focus of SANS.

At SANS we understand the importance of Continual Professional Development. To this end, all teachers who are trained by SANS receive formal SANS Certification.

SANS Oceania has a range of training materials and videos to assist with the training needs of teachers. By incorporating these into a training program, teachers can improve their technology skills and improve student results.

SANS Oceania provides training to all Customers as part of the implementation plan. Our trainer comes to you to train your team in private classes.

On-going Training

SANS Oceania understands that additional training may be necessary at a later date due to staff changes, or existing staff may like to be refreshed on a particular aspect of the software. For this reason we can also offer your team a number of on-going training options in a format that fits in with your requirements.

These include, training users in classrooms or instructor-led virtual classes using Webinars. We can even come to you again to train a new teaching team.


SANS Oceania recognises that flexibility makes a big difference. Small one-on-one training can be inefficient. Given this, SANS Oceania can supplement on-site training with virtual training. This is an online service that allows teachers to have hands on training sessions remotely without tying up the lab.

In addition to this service, SANS Inc. conducts regular Webinars on various topics. SANS Oceania can keep you informed when these become available so that you or your staff can choose whether or not to attend online.

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