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Marlee Dyce Ocean County College
Toms River, NJ, USA

"Ever since purchasing the Sony Soloist® software, the students in our Interpreter Training Program are able to analyse various skills based components of American Sign Language and interpreting in order to improve upon their weaknesses and recognise their strengths. Students are afforded the opportunity to document their progress, which in turn provides a way to track their progress. This software allows students to create a video portfolio in order to present to prospective employers upon graduation.

The software allows the instructors to create a corpus of work that students can use to practice with in order to enhance skill development. What is more, the software is a vehicle for instructors to use as an assessment tool in order to provide critical feedback to aid in the development."

"The software allows me to see and communicate with my students using video to video connection during class. Also, I can pair students via video to simulate interpreting situations."

Kathy Basilotto, CI, M.Ed.
Assistant Professor, Interpreter Training Program

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