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Local Success Stories

Victoria University of Wellington Victoria University of Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand
Winner of the 2009 IALLT Digital Showcase Award
"The comparative recording capability in the Sony digital lab is an essential tool for both audio and video recording in our classes. Students are now getting used to recording and listening to themselves, and we can hear the positive results in their fluency."
Edith Paillat, Language Technology Specialist
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Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
"I feel the lab is a great motivator for students. They love to interact with one another in this environment.... most importantly students look forward to their lab sessions. The lab is fun."
Karina Von Itzstein, ESL Tutor
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Gold Coast TAFE
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
The University of South Australia
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
The University of NSW Global
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
Waikato Institute of Technology
Waikato, New Zealand
Southern Institute of Technology
Invercargill, New Zealand
Waiariki Institute of Technology
Rotorua, New Zealand


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