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The Sony Virtuoso™ teacher software and Sony Soloist® student software combine to form the most comprehensive Digital Language Lab available on the market today. At SANS Oceania, we specialise in Digital Language Learning Technology - in fact that is all we do.

Around the world we've earned the trust of customers from education, government and other sectors.

Selecting the right technology to help run your language learning programs isn't a decision to be made lightly. So why do so many schools around the globe decide on the Sony Digital Language Lab?

Proven success

The Sony Digital Language Lab delivers real results - more effective lessons, happier students, happier staff, leading to better language speakers, listeners, readers and writers. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing so many other schools are using SANS.

bulletSee how other language educators are successfully using Sony Digital Language Labs.

Low risk

Say goodbye to complexity. With no proprietary hardware to install or different technologies to juggle, it's straight forward getting started. You're up and running in a fraction of the time of traditional tape based, or hybrid digital labs. And if you ever need to relocate your lab to another room simply move the computers.

Because flexibility, scalability, training and support are just as important as the functionality, rest assured that SANS has this covered.

The software is upgradable and with SANS you only need to purchase the number of licenses required. Customers may add functionality over time and can purchase additional licenses as class numbers increase.

The Sony Digital Language Lab Software has been continually enhanced since 1999, and many features have been developed through close consultation with language teachers. The software will continue to grow and evolve into the future; ensuring additional features become available as an option to existing SANS Customers. This ongoing development ensures that your investment is future proofed.

bulletTechnical Benefits

Easy to use

SANS is popular with teachers and students alike because it's intuitive, easy to use and fits with their everyday use of technology.

The features of the Sony Digital Language Lab provide a shared learning environment where teachers can lead the class as well as one in which students are encouraged to easily share information with each other, collaborate on projects and assignments, and most importantly they have more opportunity to speak in the target language.

Class activity is easily viewed and controlled by the teacher using a customisable graphical user interface on the teachers PC monitor.

Everyone benefits as class time becomes more productive and ultimately more rewarding: making language teaching and learning more successful.

bulletTeaching Benefits

Customers First

At SANS Oceania, we value the input that our customers provide. We realise that the software must first and foremost address teaching and learning modalities, and work within the IT framework of the school or agency that is using the technology. The software is designed and continually developed in the United States and is supported by us locally in Australia and New Zealand. Together we listen to and respond to our customers' needs and requests.

We strive to provide a level of customer support that is the best in the industry. Just ask our Customers.

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